Marielys Acosta

Marielys graduated high school at age 16. She passed the California Proficiency Exam and was admitted directly into College. Following her dad’s footsteps, she studied law at Western State College of Law, graduating at age 25. From then on, she has worked with her father as an attorney, gaining all the knowledge that only experience can provide. Today, a mother of two, Marielys is a well-recognized and respected attorney, who is ready to fight for your rights and those of others in need of legal guidance and assistance.

Trusted In The community

Speak English and Spanish

Extensive Knowledge On A Variety Of Cases



Marielys Acosta

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If you have suffered an accident, we can help with your medical bills, repairs for your vehicle and other third party expenses.

Areas We Serve

Los Angeles County, CA
Orange County, CA
San Bernardino County, CA
Riverside County, CA
Ventura County, CA

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